Participation and information plan

The purpose of a Participation and Information Plan (PIP) is to provide a clear overview of the current knowledge base and approach, as well as to inform the public and authorities about how they can participate in the planning process that has been initiated. This document serves as a framework for the planning process, which will develop after further information and input has been collected.

For the Participation and Information Plan, a photo montage has been created to illustrate the visibility of the wind power park from selected viewpoints along the Åland coast. The montage locations are chosen considering their popularity and good visibility compared to other areas. The photo montage was conducted on days with clear visibility. The purpose of the montage is to clearly illustrate the visual impact of a theoretically fully developed area, even though a full development of the planning area is highly unlikely. The montage can be found on Björlin Gitech Ab's display service. The method for creating and interpreting the photo montage is described in "Hur kommer vindkraftverken att synas från land?" (in swedish). The document is available for download below.

A recording of the meeting held on 06.03.2024 is available on the Government of Åland YouTube channel. Click here to watch the recording. A meeting protocol to see what questions were asked during the meeting and how they were answered is also available for download.

The participation and information plan as well as a feedback form is available for download in a PDF format below (in swedish).