Activities & Communication

The project is simultaneously working on several activities, of which the main ones are:

  • Creating a uniform local master plan for the northern energy areas, within the municipal borders of Eckerö, Hammarland, Geta, Saltvik, Kumlinge, and Brändö.
  • Investigating the process for auctioning the utilization rights of the maritime areas.
  • Examining matters of legislation.
  • Developing revenue models: evaluating auction procedures, analysing leasing fees and taxes.
  • Deepening collaboration with authorities, municipalities, and industry stakeholders.
  • Conducting information campaigns for various interest groups.
  • Inform about the government’s principal decision to grant permits for investigations on Åland’s public waters.


An important aspect of the project, is the communication and collaboration with various stakeholders. The Sunnanvind project's communication plan includes dialogue with the following stakeholder groups:

  • The political government (landskapsregeringen), the parliament (lagtinget), the finance and economic affairs committee (finans- och näringsutskottet).
  • Administration and municipalities.
  • The local community, the Åland population.
  • Ministries and departments.
  • Local and national authorities.
  • Local businesses.
  • Wind power industry companies.
  • Wind power industry consultants.
  • Transmission system operators.
  • Education and research institutions.
  • Local and international media.