The Government of Åland's vision

The Government of Åland described in a message to the Parliament of Åland on 22.4.2021, its vision to harness the potential of wind energy in Åland’s maritime areas. To realize the vision of large-scale offshore wind power and ensure maximum benefits for Åland, the government decided to initiate a project. The project was later named Sunnanvind.

In addition to Åland's MSP, various studies were conducted on the feasibility of wind power in the public waters of Åland. During the spring of 2021, a techno-economic report was commissioned from Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT). The report, titled "Carbon Negative Åland Strategic Roadmap," aimed to analyse options for grid connections and the development potential of the maritime areas. The report formed the basis for the project directive of the Sunnanvind project.

Read the full report on LUT University's publication portal